This letter is to write about the experience I enjoy as a client of Skin Care by Natalie.  Over the past 6 years the services I take advantage of, have been consistent and reflect something that is truly Natalie’s craft.  Over the years, there has never been a time that I have walked out of there not feeling perfect.  Her attention to detail and ability to read her clients to provide the utmost satisfaction is incredible! 

Natalie’s flexible schedule and high touch with her clients makes the appointments fast and convenient which allows me to keep up my personal maintenance with little effort. 

Thank you Natalie for taking such good care of me! 

Krista L
Gates Mills OH

I was dealing with a long term relationship ending and I was devastated. In an attempt to heal my heart and boost my self esteem, I made an appointment to receive a facial and I got my eyebrows waxed. It was the best investment I ever made. My mind was cleared and my spirit felt renewed. When I returned to the office Monday morning, Oh My God!!! I received so many compliments, my skin glowed and my eye brows just popped! Thanks Nat, I feel so good about myself. When you look good you feel good. Again, the best investment I continue to make for myself!

Tina C
Cleveland OH

As a man, I was always hesitant about getting my eyebrows waxed until the recommendation made by my dermatologist due to a reoccurring cyst above my brows. Once Natalie worked on them for the first time I was hooked. Not only did the cyst not reoccur, but I received constant compliments every where I travel. Since moving to Atlanta and 100% travel for work, I have not been able to find anyone in comparison to Natalie’s techniques. I’ve even flown to Cleveland just to get a waxing and will continue to do so in the future. Natalie takes pride in her work and enjoys what’s she doing. That’s a great combination. If she was in Hollywood, she would definitely be the Esthetician of the stars!!! For now, it’s just me and the people of Cleveland.

Victor L
Atlanta GA

I have been getting my back waxed for close to 4 years and just recently started seeing Natalie. I moved here from Boston this past June and found Natalie on Craigslist.com. I am so happy to have found Natalie as she is the most gentle, reassuring person one could go to for such a delicate service. She really cares about her customers and makes them feel so comfortable and relaxed. She is extremely precise with her wax jobs and I always leave satisfied. I would recommend Natalie to anyone thinking of getting waxed, she is a consummate professional.

Jeff M
Cleveland OH

I have been getting waxed by Natalie for at least 6 years. She does a great job and is very professional. She definitely loves her job and it shows in her work. I would and do recommend her to anyone I know that is interested in these types of services.

I am sure you are not surprised that I now consider her a very good friend.

Laura R
Mentor OH

I have been going to Natalie for over TEN years now. I receive waxing and Glycolic resurfacing facials on a regular basis. Natalie is extremely professional, runs a timely appointment schedule, and is just a great person to be around. I feel better about my skin and every time I leave I feel great. I highly recommend Skin Care by Natalie and have recommend her to many friends.

Nancy H
Concord OH

WOW! My face looks better in my forties than it ever did in my twenties. I had stress acne for years and had been on prescription ointments that did nothing. I also started getting crows feet at the corners of my eyes and lines in my forehead from too much sun and normal aging. I’ve had facials in different spas and on cruise ships — they didn’t compare to Natalie’s. Her expertise with chemical peels and the line of skin care products she carries have taken years off my face. Now I look like I am in my early thirties, or so I have been told. Natalie is not only a great facialist, but she also has many other services such as waxing, massage and aromatherapy that are so wonderful and relaxing. Natalie loves what she does, and anyone who visits her will benefit from her expertise

Leigh Ann W
Chardon OH

Natalie is the Skin Care and Waxing Diva! I will not trust anyone else with my eyebrows. Natalie is truly a perfectionist. It is great to receive multiple compliments about my brows… and I have her to thank! She understands your skin care needs and knows what works best for you. I have also been going to Natalie for her facials. Its amazing the difference you see in your skin after only the first one! After that, I was addicted, my face is now clearer and has never been smoother. Natalie, with her great personality, is now a friend I can go to for all my skin care needs.

Ylenia M
Concord OH

I saw Natalie for my first Brazilian wax and I will not trust my waxing needs to anyone else! I was very nervous for my first appointment, but Natalie’s professional and friendly personality put me right at ease. She is quick and efficient, minimizing discomfort as best as she can. Her attention to detail ensures you will have the best waxing experience possible. The result was fantastic and I now see Natalie regularly for my Brazilian. It was comforting to know she is always available by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns about your appointment. If you are hesitant about getting a Brazilian, do it! You will love it! I would recommend her to anyone.

Maria I
Mayfield OH

I have been a client of Natalie’s for many years. I am a fan of all her services such as waxing – EVERYWHERE, facials, massage and can’t wait to get my eyelashes dyed! She is a perfectionist. She never misses a hair.

Last Spring I had an accident and broke my leg. I was very ill for a while and did not feel pretty or feminine. I wanted to come to see Natalie but I could not drive. She came to my home, picked me up and brought me to her salon. After an expert pampering session… I felt beautiful. Girls, save your money on therapy. Go see Natalie!

I am sure you are not surprised that I now consider her a very good friend.

Peggy G
Highland Heights OH

I started going to Natalie for about six years ago, just to have my brows waxed. Over the years I have tried different services. Her chemical peels are the best – glycolic, salicylic, and her new Jessner peels. I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of my skin.
Do your face and brows a favor.. Make an appointment with Natalie!

Naomi J
Cleveland OH

I have been seeing Natalie for a little over a year now. I see her every 4 weeks for a Brazilian and eyebrow wax and look forward to our appointment every time! Natalie has always made me feel comfortable and at ease during the appointments. Her appointments are always on time, so I know if I need to schedule during a lunch break at work that I will be back in time because of her promptness. Natalie has such a wonderful and caring personality. When I come in for a wax, I feel as if I’m her only client and we spend our 20 minutes or so catching up on what’s been happening since my last appointment. And of course, Natalie is truly the best when it comes to waxing! After my waxing, I leave feeling confident and refreshed! I would never trust anyone else with my eyebrows and Brazilian. Natalie’s awesome personality and her professional waxing have made me a customer of hers for life!

Katie C
Cleveland OH

My husband purchased a gift package from Natalie 3 years ago because I wanted a Brazilian wax. From the first day of communication with Natalie she was completely upfront on the entire process. When I arrived for the first appointment, she was very reassuring about the entire process. Now, three years later, I remain a happy customer. 

Giselle R. F.
Concord OH

I was skeptical about the raindrop technique, but Natalie raved about it enough that I decided to dive in and try it. About halfway through the 90-minute treatment, which is a mix of light massage, long strokes, aromatherapy and reflexology, I felt like I was floating. When the treatment ended, I had to talk myself into getting off the table. Then I had to check my balance because it felt like I was walking on water. This has to be the best natural high I’ve experienced yet.

Ly Ann P
Cleveland OH

Let’s face it – waxing is not an enjoyable part of anyone’s life. Being waxed isn’t the most comfortable procedure. However, Natalie makes you feel at ease and like it’s no big deal. It took about 5 minutes the first time I met her to not even feel embarrassed or care! She is one of the most sweet, caring, and positive people I have ever met. Her energy alone makes you look forwarded to your appointments because you know you will always have a good laugh or heck maybe even a good cry!
I am so happy that I was referred to her, not only does she do an amazing job, but I have made a great friend! 

Kellee D
Cleveland OH

I have been a customer of Natalie’s for several years. I first met her through an internet deal. I was hesitant at first thinking: “I’m not letting this woman give me a Brazilian wax.” Well several years later I’m not only a customer, I am a friend of Natalie’s. I get a Brazilian wax, lip, and eye brow wax. Did I mention I’m a big baby and Natalie always makes me laugh while still being professional. I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else!

Alisa L
Cleveland OH