Natalie’s Favorite Things


Gluten Free

Pasta cooks up well.
Doesn’t cook up mushy, and it has a delicious taste.

Delicious. Easy to make. Light and crispy.
Purchase on Amazon or at Heinens.

Not too sweet, Not too bubbly.
Pairs well with orange juice for a delicious mimosa!

Great taste, creamy, organic, gluten, soy and dairy free. Many great flavors. Great dessert without guilt.

Tastes great. Does not contain high- fructose corn syrup, Gluten free, Organic. Reasonably priced.

Delicious-worth the price. 2 flavors. Use in place of cheese on sandwiches. Dairy, soy, and gluten free.

Quench your Thirst

Can be found at any wine or alcohol specialty store.

Fiji water is the best tasting water! I also like the shape of the bottle.

A couple drops are all you need. My favorite flavor is peach. I purchase them on Amazon.

Personal Care

Organic, smells great, washes nicely and leaves your hair soft. Conditioner smells great, organic, paraben-free. Found at health food stores – sometimes even TJMAXX and Marshall’s.

I like the smell, the look and the feel of my course, thick, curly hair when I use this shampoo and conditioner.

No aluminum, controls odor well, many different scents. Can be found at health food stores or if you’re lucky, TJMAXX and Marshall’s.

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