Email or Text. Please remember that my schedule is typically booked 1–2 months out. However, I can place your name on the cancellation list.

Email or Text but please give me 24–48 hours notice as my schedule fills up quickly.

In order to remain as hair-free as possible, most clients come in every 3-4 weeks, depending on individual hair growth rates.

I use Nufree hair removal system, a soy-based depilatory that is never heated above 98.6 degrees, which means your skin will never get burned. The bonus? It’s much gentler — but just as effective as the typical honey wax you may be familiar with!.

Absolutely not! Because waxing removes hair from the root, hair grows back finer and thinner with every waxing. In contrast, shaving only removes hair at the surface, which is why stubble is felt within 24 hours.

The first time will hurt, but only for an instant. Brazilian waxing is completed in 5-7 minutes or less and you will absolutely love the results. Nothing is more important than your comfort. With each regularly scheduled waxing, there is less hair to be removed, thus less discomfort.

Absolutely. Many of my male clients get regular facials as well as waxing services. Men need to be pampered, too!

A resurfacer or chemical peel improves the tone, texture, clarity and overall appearance of skin by increasing skin cell turnover rate which, in turn, boosts collagen production, the key to youthful skin. Resurfacers also help to fade pigmentation spots, acne scars, sun damage and even fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels aid the healing of acne prone skin and most importantly, unclog pores which prevents future breakouts. You will see and feel the difference with your very first resurfacing appointment.

A consistent and good home skin regiment, as well as regular facials, can temporarily reduce the size of pores. Using products that contain glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids can help to decrease oil production which in turn causes pores to appear smaller.

A facial is a multi-step process that begins with a deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation, skin analysis, extractions (if necessary), a mask and then the best part – the massage. Each facial should be customized to individual skin type resulting in a radiant look. Everyone deserves to have the most fabulous skin they can have! When your skin looks great, it reflects how you face the world!

Yes. Soap is very drying, leaves a residue on the skin and strips natural oils, leaving the skin susceptible to bacteria, etc. Facial cleansers are designed to clean your facial skin without stripping, drying or removing natural oils, therefore leaving your skin properly pH balanced.

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